Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good News for Me; Bad News for You

The good news is that after several months of searching I have finally gotten a job! I work as a Kitchen Helper at an inn and restaurant one town over, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I never expected such a job to push the limits of my consciousness as this does -- considering I need to be super *aware* at almost all times (watching inflow of dishes, actively remembering dishes under heat, maneuvering to avoid people walking around, keeping a standing order to pay attention to stock items, etc.). It's good to finally be able to get physically tired from something, which I consider to be a form of satisfaction.

I find it odd how I got the job. After making the identification that I want to become a chef my job hunt became much easier and more fun. I knew where I wanted to work, why I wanted to work there, and in my cover letters displayed honest enthusiasm. Not only did my hunt become more enjoyable, employers became more interested in me since they could observe I was preparing to get myself into something long-term, rather than just being some young kid looking for a summer job. My employer was so intrigued by my resume and cover letter that I got hired virtually on the spot -- there was a message on my answering machine about a job offer just hours later after I handed in my information.

My interest in cooking has increased since my last three shifts. I enjoy the kitchen atmosphere, the fast-paced environment, and the delicious smells. If my shift didn't end so close to my bedtime I'd probably go home to do some cooking. They don't have me doing any food preparation yet -- I'm still in training -- but I can wait as long as it takes to prepare; even washing dishes is enjoyable.

I'm not sure whether I'll continue my experimentation with cooking and baking at home since I may be redirecting my resources to my next project. Which brings me to my bad news (for you)...

For the past few years now I have been bothered by a problem which has seriously imposed on my ability to pursue my happiness and be productive. Since this problem has been so cumbersome and yet unresolved, it often throws itself before my immediate consciousness, demanding attention and for it to be solved, which has interfered with my reading, writing, learning, cooking, and so on. Up until now it has be unresolved because I have had no means to solve it, but this new job will allow me to at least begin considering preparing, finally allowing me to give serious consideration to the means I'll employ.

No, this project is not something I'm going to construct for public consumption, but something that will advance me greatly in life. Until the project is finished, I'm not going to state what it is or what problem has prompted its necessity. It will take several months for me to accomplish, maybe even over a year. Aside from my career aspirations, this new job will allow me to begin saving up towards that goal, and will help me gain experience which will develop my wage earning potential.

I think part of the success of my job hunt can be attributed to the fact that I switched it over from being a side-pursuit to a goal of primary importance to be concentrated on. I performed terribly and felt horribly unmotivated when I treated the hunt as a pursuit to be squeezed into my life, but when I turned it into something I would spend my days on, my motivation drastically increased, my methods improved, and now here I am employed. I think, too, this project would be much more successful if I were to concentrate on it instead of thinking of it as a side pursuit. After all, it will bring me closer to my happiness, eliminate the current interference in my productivity, and be a major advancement in my life. In a way, you could say I'm temporarily "giving up" (or shelving) my other productive ventures (studying, reading, etc.) to deal with something that is significantly interfering with them.

As such, I may very well put my blogs on hiatus. In addition to the change of my writing habits (as per my identified purpose in life), it's just hardly worth the struggle given my current condition. Maybe I'll write some musings on food or what I've learned from my job hunt, but I don't know; more important things occupy my mind right now.

Anyhow, see you later.

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