Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project Time Estimate Update

Good news: After assessing my situation and the expenses involved in the project I have determined that it can be accomplished in 1 to 3 months, 1 month for quickness and 3 months for thoroughness. It certainly pleases me greatly that I can advance my life forward in a shockingly small amount of time.

The bad news is that I don't know when the waiting period of 1 to 3 months can begin. The particular expenses involve not only savings, but an income level. To accomplish this feat, I need to be making at least minimum wage, working five hour shifts five days a week. Given my current wage earning potential, the more hours I can garner the better off I'll be and the more easily this project can be completed. If I manage to actually increase my wage earning potential then the project becomes even less difficult. In order to obtain that, however, I'll need to work at increasing my value at my current workplace or else find a supplemental job or income.

Overall, despite the uncertainty, I am confident that I can achieve my goal before the year is finished, maybe even much sooner. When I was originally unemployed I found it of massive benefit to exert most of my energy towards finding a job, and doing such made me find a job much quicker than before. It's surprising how reachable goals become when you concentrate on them.

Given the short waiting period, my sense of life gets a bit of a boost, knowing great self-improvement and productivity are just around the corner. Don't worry, you'll get a nice long post explaining what the project was after I have finished it.

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