Friday, May 21, 2010

Project Update One

Despite a snag or two, things are progressing for my project. At this rate I'd have to say that things will advance very slowly; my project does not seem like it will be finished until near the end of this year, or even beyond. Being a new hire, my employer isn't giving me very many shifts right now, which stunts the growth of my finances, but I'm still enjoying my job, pursuing self-improvement, and still have yet to see how things will play out in the long-run. New developments may come about in a month or so.

And still -- I apologize -- the secrecy will continue. I'm not intentionally teasing you by not telling you what my project is; I consider it necessary. Explaining my plans could result in significant hardship, so mum's the word until completion.

As for my personal life, I've noticed a rather negative trend in my sense of life as of late. After clarifying my central purpose in life and intensifying my job hunt my sense of life got a boost since I was being purposeful and actively absorbed in that which makes my life worth living, but now that I have a job and have transitioned to focusing on my project I see the negative contrast. No, the job has not brought anything negative into my life: it has opened my eyes to the negatives that currently exist. In other words, after experiencing the good in life I become more sensitive to anger about the bad in life since it interferes with the good. After seeing in what direction I want to go, I detest more intensely the unnecessary obstacles, the people and conditions that serve as problems to overcome, but yet are not problems or difficulties inherent in the nature of the direction itself (such as acquiring knowledge and skills). Such has been adding significant stress in my life, stress that cannot be eliminated except through the completion of this project, and can only be alleviated through meditation, cooking a good meal, consuming my favored dark chocolate, and so on. In searching for new ways to enjoy myself I have even adapted new values to expand my enjoyment of life: Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Alfred Hitchcock movies.

The biggest frustration, however, is certainly that this project has diverted my focus from cooking. I haven't been thinking or reading about it much lately, and my actual practice has declined in quality and quantity as well. My, how I would enjoy the prospect of reading and studying cooking and nutrition literature, and cooking all day, but now's not yet the time. Considering the immense value to be gained from this project, I must conjure up the patience to wait until then.

Anyhow, sorry to my regular readers. If my lack of writing deprives you, consider friending me on Facebook or following my Twitter account. I don't post much on Twitter, but I am active on Facebook, and I cannot repress the urge to do a bit of short writing on there, for I have gotten into the habit of reviewing dark chocolate in my status updates. Note, however, that if you should choose to send me a friend request on Facebook that I would appreciate a message explaining how you found my profile, as I do not add completely random strangers (i.e. people I've either never met or whom I have no philosophical friends in common with). ("Your blog," would suffice as an explanation.)

I'll keep you updated on my progress, and perhaps I might also be unable to repress my desire to write and construct some small posts, since I seem to have shifted my writing to Facebook after all. In the meanwhile, my main concerns are my career, project, values, and lifestyle.

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