Thursday, July 22, 2010

David Bowie's China Girl

Due to some unnurtured musical development I find myself largely indifferent to music; par the norm for me is to latch on to a few musical pieces and then listen to them to death. Happily, I find that David Bowie's China Girl to be such a piece. Seldom does anything focused on romance resonate with me, particularly because I find today's conceptions of love to be irrational and repulsive. Sex glorified separate from human character seems sickening to me since I don't generate desire for women solely based on their physical appearance, and the whole notion of "love at first sight," the notion that love is mystical and unexplainable, is downright stupid and treats emotions as if they were causeless or supernatural.

This particular video resonates with me since it portrays a loving playfulness between David Bowie and the China girl, indicating a relationship that took work and nurturing to develop into what it has become. There is a sexual element, but it's saved for the last part of the video, making the couple's interactions slowly increase in emotional intensity until it climaxes on the beach. Lovely, and it's one to make me think of my own emotional aspirations.

I consider myself extremely attractive and able to find another to engage in romance with, but currently I am abstaining intentionally since I wouldn't want any significant other to have to deal with the conditions my project is set out to solve right now, so romance at presence remains food for thought. I've been very interested in what other have said about utilizing rational methods and principles to spark and develop romantic relationships, and plan on reading Selfish Path to Romance after it gets released.

As far as my thinking goes, I think I need to work on my "loveability." I consider myself intelligent and moral, but, given my current circumstances, my personality isn't exactly flavorful and definitely could use some work. It's certainly possible to be able to achieve morality, intelligence, and self-love while at the same time still being boring to deal with. To remedy such boringness I'll set self-improvement goals to develop courage and strength, better study habits, and to learn how to maintain healthy relationships.

But my project is of primary importance right now, and will indirectly advance my romantic goals anyhow by quashing a circumstance that's affecting my sense of life and intellectual abilities. For the time being romance will be a subject of thought and goal-setting. In the future I will perhaps detail my goals and progress on my self-development, but only as a corollary to the other pursuits in my life. And no, I won't detail any specific interactions I have with women.

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  1. I've got a few modern song recommendations you may like that I find have melody and a playful romantic sound.

    -"Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS (less playful, but has a serious sounding, calm and focused erotic progression leading to a nice saxophone climax)

    -"Us" by Regina Spektor

    -"Quelqu'un m'a dit" by Carla Bruni

    -"Serpentine" by Chris Bathgate (I don't like the YouTube version; the album/MP3 version is better)

    -"Simple Aveu" by Francois Thome

    (Ayn Rand wanted to hear "Simple Aveu" at the moment she finished writing "Atlas Shrugged"--


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