Monday, July 26, 2010

Possets' Scents

One day while still engaged in my original job hunt I was surprised to find how offensive my conventional cologne was. Before applying to a job I had thought to apply a single spritz in order to enhance my presentation, but when I got in my car I was overwhelmed with how chemical-ly it smelled and had to roll down the windows for relief. It's strange considering it smelled fine to me in the past, but somehow it's seems as if I've changed bodily so as to find it repugnant now. A alternative was needed.

Recently I've decided to try out a sample pack of the naturals line of scents at Possets, which only utilizes natural extracts and blends. I'm more than pleased. None of the scents smell like random chemicals, no matter how strongly they smell, and smell much more like things you'd find in nature rather than those unidentifiable blends you get with conventional colognes.

My particular order came with SuperEgo, Les Espices Lavender, Friction, A Snowflake in the Martini (both peppermint and spearmint high note), Paisely, Zubenelgenubi, and Observatory. (I'd tried linking to them, but they appear to be unavailable right now.) Due to an error my first shipment omitted some of the scents I ordered and replaced them with both non-naturals and feminine scents, but the customer service was very good and shipped me the missing scents at no additional cost and let me keep the extras, some of which I kept and some of which I gifted.

The prices are definitely very reasonable. It only costs twenty dollars for a full bottle of naturals or for six sample vials, with which you get two free sample vials in addition! I can't wait for the naturals line to have its own 1 + 1 = 3 sale, as it saves *significant* money by allowing you to purchase three naturals scents for the price of two and to get four free sample vials instead of two. Wonderful.

I thoroughly enjoy the products, prices, and customer service, so I'm definitely going to be a future Possets customer.

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