Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cease Job Hunting?

As you probably know by now, the completion of my project requires a specific level of income, not a lump sum of money. As such, the only things that are holding me back from getting it done are the costs, particularly considering the taxes. Previously I thought it would be best for me to get another job in order to meet my goals, but given new information I am rethinking that.

Yesterday while I was out applying I learned from an employee of a particularly busy restaurant that even they, what with their huge customer base (given their location in a tourist town), might not be able to accommodate my need for additional hours since the working shifts fluctuates with demand. Having given further thought to the nature of the restaurant business, I'm starting to think it might be altogether impossible for me to hold two restaurant positions at my skill level, unless I were to, say, engage in nothing but in-advance prep work. Most of the restaurants I have observed require their employees to be available for holiday shifts, so that would inevitably lead to conflicts if I were employed at multiple places. Plus, if I became a more valuable employee to any particular place then it would place a hardship on them -- and me -- to try and get more working hours when another employer has demands on my time. It may, in fact, prove hinderous to my overall goals.

Given the above I'm starting to think that it might be best to simply stick solely with my current employer and develop myself there. As I become more skilled and knowledgeable their demand of my time should naturally increase, thereby making things just a matter of having patience.

I still need to do more thinking on whether or not this is the optimal course, but my current impression is that it is. For one, it would allow me to concentrate more on what I have before me, my career as it stands now and my studies at home. Secondly, this course of action would be cheaper since it would require less driving on my part, thereby padding my finances. If I were to take this course then the only things I would need to work on at present would be my study skills and ways of coping with things as they are now.

I'll sleep on it for a few nights.


  1. Have you discussed your financial concerns with your current employer? If he knows that you have been looking for supplementary work for financial reasons, he may be willing to give you more responsibility, more shifts, or a higher pay in order to keep your (presumably valuable) time from being devoted elsewhere.

  2. I haven't, but I have noted at one point that I was looking for a second job. Given how new of an employee I still am (since April 2010), I believe it would be too soon for that. I am steadily getting more hours and am becoming more reliable, so I think patience at this time might be safe and best. Once I get to the point where I can perform *all* the functions of the restaurant kitchen then I might be able to ask for more hours.


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