Friday, August 20, 2010

Without a Care

These past few weeks have been strange. After learning and dealing with the setback to my project my thinking has entirely altered. Whereas before I almost literally could not stop thinking about the end of the project and my business plans for the future, now my mind is entirely clear of such thoughts. Why?

Why I've stopped thinking about my business aspirations I think I could explain. Since I identified that my central aim in life is to open up a series of food businesses I documented a hefty portion of my ideas in a notebook I call my Entrepreneurial Journal. After spending so many hours with it I got a significant portion of my vision documented, so I assume my mind has let go of such thoughts since it no longer needs to actively remind me of them; it's all in the journal. I still need to flesh out my ideas more, especially in regards to means and aesthetics, but the skeleton to apply the flesh to is at the very least there.

My sudden indifference to my project is the concern. For months and months it's was just about all I could think about and direct my actions towards, but now that I'm playing a waiting game, working to make myself more valuable in my career, I hardly think about it anymore. I don't even get an emotional high from visualizing the end results as I used to. I'm still directing myself towards that end and am not neglecting any actions; I just wonder why my psychology has changed so.

Perhaps my other project is working well? I haven't enforced it yet -- I'm still doing a pure reading of Infidel and The Vegetarian Myth while blogging -- but I've found that the amount of vigor I take to my reading has altered my mental habits significantly, allowing me to daydream less and do more thinking. When I get on to my actual studies I assume the benefits will only intensify. But still, emotionally, what's different?

Maybe my mind has come to terms with how far my project has been pushed back and has consequently pushed the project to the back of my mind since I know there's no benefit in dwelling on it. It'll come, but not for several more months. In addition, perhaps my studying has improved my mental health to the point that I no longer need the emotional highs initiated from visualizing the end results, highs that only came in snatches after dwelling on a lot of negativity anyhow.

Something to mull over. I need to, at the very least, get back to fleshing out my business aspirations and the means to achieving them.


  1. I am impressed by what I have read of your blog. You have ambition in thinking of starting businesses in this economy, it can be done, and it might be the best time to do so, many notable businesses were started in the depths of the great depression. That you are not "thinking" about business as you once were should not be too worrisome to you. It is sad but true that there is an anti-business slant to all our various governmental agencies, in spite of what they may say publicly on the record.
    It is refreshing indeed to read of someone who is still striving to better himself in so many different ways, and I just wanted to let you know that you are encouraging many people to follow your example, and I count myself in that group.
    Keep striving to be the best, and before you know it you will be.
    Patrick Garrett

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Truly what limits me from starting my own business is my knowledge, experience, and finances. I am but a pup in my culinary endeavors, though I am going to work soon to figure out how to best go about my education in that field.

    I do, however, have a business idea I might be able to implement in the short-term, which I'll talk about later.

    As for my encouraging others: It's always nice to read about *real* acts of success and achievement, no? I wonder how much of a role art has in refueling the spirit: I like biographies better. Real heroes committing real heroism.

    And the best to you, Patrick.


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