Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Being Timely

You know what would make this blog much easier to maintain? If I didn't think so fast. Ever since I've read Getting Things Done I've experienced a huge boost to my thinking speed, especially that in the creative realm.

As per the nature of this blog, I like to concentrate on the aspects of my life in which I'm striving to improve myself or achieve values. I like writing on it since I enjoy reading that stuff from other people; it's inspiring and offers great insight on how to live a happy, valuable, productive life. (As noted before, for inspiration I prefer biographies of great men over heroic fiction.) However, in detailing such efforts I often exert myself to be up-to-date and as timely as possible, sometimes hurrying to construct and publish entries in less than twenty-four hours.

Unfortunately, when I write such time-sensitive posts that are directed more towards asking questions rather than making assertions, I find that the posts greatly assist in my introspection and often help me answer my own questions before any commenter input can be given -- thus nullifying the appropriateness of publishing the post.

For the sake of being able to keep consistent content flowing around here, I need to figure out how to make my posts less time-sensitive. Perhaps I could continue the practice of writing time-sensitive posts and discarding them as a sort of "waste basket" thinking method, but that won't help with my publishable writing. The reason why I discard such writing is because I view it as dishonest to publish them since the facts of my life have changed to be other than what the post indicates. For instance, if I answered a question I took two hours to write down, it's no longer honest to ask that question, is it?

Has anyone else encountered this difficulty? Given that this waste-basket thinking does help with productive introspection I'm hesitate to call it fully a problem, but nonetheless it is a slight barrier.

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