Monday, September 6, 2010

The Project and the Economy

After that nasty surprise I got a few weeks ago regarding the pace of my project I'm more determined to make sure I'm taking everything into account, lest I set myself up for another disappointment. One thing I've been procrastinating thinking on is how economics as they stand now is going to affect matters. It's a discomforting thing to think about considering how bleak the short-term outlook is, but it must be contemplated since it has a dramatic impact on my plans.

Most cardinally, if I'm too ignorant to economically protect my finances then I risk having my project destroyed, regardless of whether or not it's already completed. To provide just a smidgen more detail about what my project entails, it includes a long-term change, one that can only be maintained in certain circumstances. If I were to complete my project and then face losing everything if the US goes into economic hell then I'm in deep you-know-what.

In regards to my own ability, I have the utmost confidence that I'm not the type of man who would destroy himself with his foolishness. I work hard, I study to advance my knowledge and competence, I meticulously practice honesty, and more. My worry is what the government could do to destroy me considering its control over the economy and its absolute impotence to bring prosperity. Hyperinflation, no matter how briefly it lasts, could set me back months or years if I don't learn how to protect myself against it. If I found it particularly disappointing to find myself set back by my government eating up a portion of my paycheck, I don't want to think about how demotivating it would be to have that paycheck turned into pennies.

As a result I see now that I need to edit my project list to include doing a bit of economic research to see how to best protect myself, if there is a way. I originally thought it might be wise to save up and purchase a CD from my credit union or the like, but now I'm doubting that's the best course of action. Really, I don't know of any wise course of action to take in this type of economic climate.

I've read Economics in One Lesson, but want to take it further, particularly regarding information that corresponds with the current circumstances. I'll edit my to-do and project lists accordingly and do some research. This of all issues might be the most costly to neglect.

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