Friday, October 1, 2010

Chocolate Reassessment: Endangered Species' 88% Cacao

After having lasted me the entire summer, I've finally depleted my supply of Endangered Species 88% cacao dark chocolate and have had more thoughts on it. I confess that my tasting practices aren't as sophisticated as a true expert due to lack of knowledge, but I do try my best. If you remember, I reviewed this chocolate way back in July. My verdict back then was that it was worthy of having in one's pantry, but in comparison to other chocolates, like Lindt's 85%, it's crunchier and more bitter. My personal taste preference, at this level of darkness, is for a stronger hit of vanilla and a creamier mouth feel.

Well, after having multiple more tastings of this chocolate I have to say that I've reached a negative evaluation and have realized that I truly don't like this chocolate. Don't get me wrong: It's not terrible, it's just that my personal taste preferences have made it so that it leaves me indifferent. The cacao simply isn't all that powerful in this bar. Most of all, I detest the crunchiness, as its solidity prevents employing delicate taste practices: You have to munch it. I tried again to let a bite of it sit in my mouth and melt, and again it resisted my body heat with all its might. If you have the patience to suck on a square like a piece of hard candy you might derive more enjoyment, but I don't like the additional delay imposed beyond my unwrapping the bar.

In summation, this bar is simply weak. Perhaps my differing opinion is a result of my having consumed better chocolates and having set my standards according to those experiences.

This depletion of my chocolate supply, however, is not to say that I'm set to restock it: I still have several mint and Godiva bars to go through, so I'm set on them, though I do admit I'm reconsidering the mint bars. I've heard there's a distinct difference in mint intensity between mint extract and peppermint extract, so it's likely I'll try out other mint varieties to see if I can find something I like better. Don't be mistaken, as I still love ES' mint bar (its crunchiness is irrelevant since I seek mintiness in this context), it's just that I'd like a greater mint intensity. The more powerful the better.

As for when I'll return to my chocolate reviews again, I don't know. My Project is putting pressure on my finances, and right now I'm saving up for some delicious coconut water to treat myself. Honestly, I'd like to have it so that I'd have a new variety to talk about every week, but financial responsibility dictates otherwise. Consequently, my chocolate reviews will have to remain sporadic due to practical necessity.

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