Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Solo Flight

[Disclaimer: This book was given to me as a gift.]

Recently I've had the pleasure to read an Objectivist's book, Solo Flight, about the struggles a kid of independence has to go through just so he can live the life he wants to. It covers a week in the life of Nolan Cooper, a person who's independent in mind and just wants to be educated on his own terms, his desires being frustrated by a compulsory schooling system that forces him to waste time of his life. I've been pining for some good reading lately, and this entertained me enough that I read it in two sittings.

If one may know, this book comes from Tod, writer of Tod.FM (previously known as Optimal Living) and producer of significant applications such as the successful News Clock. He's certainly the most ambitious Objectivist I know, not one who talks about Objectivism but lives it. He's self-employed and conducts business with his own powers, and this novel is his new venture, and quite a respectable one at that. What he'll do next I have yet to hear, but I admire his willingness to so actively accept the risk of using his judgment, behavior for which he has been greatly rewarded.

Assessing this book on its own merit, there are some imbalances between the philosophical points it advocates and the actual concrete actions that demonstrate them, coming off as overly similar to Ayn Rand's style, but the story is intelligently crafted and the characters psychologically realistic. I found myself resonating with Nolan's plight and roused by the tensioned conflict, so much so that I continued reading long after I achieved my explicitly set quota. In the end I have found this a very satisfying read that has spiritually fueled me by reminding me of several philosophical points I have forgotten. It shows that it is Tod's first book, but he demonstrates great potential in his skill, moving me to wonder if this will be his first book.

If you're looking for some good Objectivist-themed reading, then I certainly recommend Solo Flight. It'll be a quick read if it grips your attention, but the satisfaction to be derived will make your life all that much better.

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