Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Restaurant Reviews

I've finally gotten myself back into work, which now means I can move onto some other goals and pursuits, namely my culinary education. While I'll certainly be more detailed on my spectrum of goals sometime in the future, for now I'm concerned with detailing the development of my palate. For that, I need to eat.

I need to do more extensive thinking as to how I should handle my finances, but at this moment I am thinking that I ought to strive to go to a fine dining restaurant at least once a month for educational purposes (and gastronomical pleasure). It might be monetarily demanding, but a necessary part of my self-development that becomes painlessly integrated into my life's purpose. For the value I'm getting in knowledge and experience it's quite a cheap price to pay, as no one should hesitate to trade one value for a higher one.

To broaden my writing skills in conjunction I'm thinking about writing restaurants reviews, which will not only strengthen my writing but also train my culinary and restaurant thinking, so expect to see them here at least once a month. I cannot promise you a consistent schedule, as I need to coordinate my dining with my work schedule since I'm always going to want to attend dinner service. That means sometimes I might dine on Sunday and have the review on Monday, and other times I might dine on Tuesday and put the review out on Thursday. No consistency.

Ratings wise, I'm not so sure what to do. Given my lack of sophistication I wouldn't dare do something such as a five-star system, but I don't want to be as simple as my chocolate reviews where I either recommend it or I don't. More thinking must be done.

Given my limited range I may not be speaking much to people who have access to these restaurants, but hopefully my readers can find value in thinking about what food concepts they're interested in and seek them in their own areas.

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  1. you've probably already hit these high spots:
    Dianne Jacob, Will write for food : the complete guide to writing cookbooks, blogs, reviews, memoir, and more. (Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Lifelong, 2010).
    ISBN : 9780738214047
    WorldCat/OCLC : 449858769


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