Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Mistake About That Hitchcock Show

I could publish a more substantial post, but since it's not my day off and probably is yours, I'd figure I'd leave you with something a little more satisfying for your time for a richer weekend. It turned out I made a mistake in my last music post: I said it wouldn't be worth linking to the Hitchcock television series since it was about to be taken offline, but it turned out they extended the deadline to August 31st. In retrospect, I have to wonder if this is a tactic: Put out an artificial deadline to draw viewers in, believing their time with the content finite, and then extend the deadline in short intervals. Whatever the case, we have more time to enjoy these great works, so take some time out to indulge in Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Unless I'm mistaken, the episodes are available for free and to all users, and the entire series is online.

Most of the episodes are surprisingly masterful and have garnered a deep appreciation in me for Hitchcock's amazing talent. I don't enjoy every episode, but most are worth watching. To throw out a few suggestions:

Premonition: Really confusing, with a really strong finish.

Salvage: Devious planning.

Breakdown: Edge-of-your-seat tension.

There Was An Old Woman: Really bizarre.

The Older Sister: A sad, though unique twist on the Helen Keller case.

You Got to Have Luck: Comically surprising.

Good evening.

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