Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughts on Chocolate

Oooh I'm terribly excited for tomorrow's chocolate review. The photographs I took really do a significant job in enhancing the text, though it calls for a major readjustment of my habits, such as the residing temptation to verbally describe something even though the picture is sufficient. It'll be awkward for a while, but at the very least I'm going to be changing my review layout very significantly. For one, I'll take to being more conservative on the Amazon links within the text, instead saving them for the bottom of the review after all has been read. Additionally, I'll also be posting links to my Flickr account to the specific set the specific chocolate photos are gathered, giving access to a few more angles and closeups, and more commentary on the aesthetics.

I'm happy and proud of myself in where I've taken this hobby. First it was merely me incoherently posting my views on my Facebook profile as to what I thought about the chocolates I was eating, and now it's come to this where I'm taking photos like a semi-professional. Perhaps it might soon come to the case that I'll receive samples from companies for review? That I would consider the next stage of achievement.

I have to wonder, though, if I should do chocolate reviews more than once a week to call more attention to them and gather more readers. What do you think? On this point, I'm at least considering a trial, perhaps by doing three chocolate reviews next week. Would you like that? On one hand, it might bring in a greater audience and attention, and perhaps begin establishing a stream of income sufficient to make the hobby self-sustaining. On the other, it'll make me go through my chocolate stocks a lot faster, and with my current finances it would be difficult to keep my stocks full given my current finances. I'll do more thinking, but I guess I've got to take a risk to see what benefit it might have, no?

Be sure to be here tomorrow for the review!

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