Sunday, August 7, 2011

Music: Metric's *Dead Disco*

I consider the bands The Bird and the Bee and Metric to be two sides of one coin in my musical tastes. When in a quiet and romantically longing mood, I enjoy Inara George's sweet and affectionate voice, and the face that matches it, but in my more energetic and flirtatious mindsets, Emily Haines' spiciness and rambunctious singing is the key. This video may be slightly naughty, but surely you're mature enough for it. I love the sharp yet smooth tones in Haines' high-pitched voice, and how the lyrics just make you want to dance to utter exhaustion.

On a note of personal beauty, I must admit that, judging only on surface aesthetics, I find Emily Haines (photo) to be one of the most attractive women I've ever seen. Her slightly mussed up hair and dominant lips screams high-powered beauty. Inara George (photo), on another key, I find to be very delicate and soothing to the eye, and her brushed red cheeks all too cute and innocent. (*Sigh*)

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