Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Obtainable New Tree Chocolates

You know New Tree chocolates? I've spoken very fondly of them many times here on this blog, but have cited as their primary vice that they're way too expensive to encourage regular consumption of, so while I'm itching to give some varieties a just review I have been abstaining from purchasing them. New Tree does have its own online store through which is sells its products, but everything is very expensive and the baseline shipping rate is $9.95! To boot, the store can be a little glitchy and confusing, such as how the front page measures its prices in the different currency, so I wouldn't make a purchase there without contacting a service representative and making doubly sure everything went through fine.

Happily, I have found there is another option. Amazon.com has restocked on several varieties and many of them automatically qualify for free shipping. Additionally, the large bars here only cost $1.49 per ounce, whereas from New Tree's website they cost $1.95 per ounce! Buying in bulk here will save fifteen dollars!

I give my strongest recommendations for the 73% ginger and 73% mint varieties, which are my personal favorites. I plan on giving each of these their own review, but I'm going to have to start saving up first, so it'll be in the distant future. More likely, however, is that I'll go ahead and make a more expensive purchase from New Tree's home website since not all varieties are available on Amazon. The bulk ginger and mint is definitely something worth saving up for nonetheless.

As much time as I've spent talking about how great these bars are, I'm glad they're finally being sold at a more reasonable price.

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