Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Good Thing That Happened

I won a chocolate contest. New Tree was holding a Valentine's Day contest in which you had to describe what your mood would be like on that day using New Tree flavor line titles (Eternity, Sexy, etc.), and I won! Unless I'm mistaken, I won a 27 piece gift pack.

I'm particularly happy because I consider New Tree's chocolates rather hard to get a hold of, so to have so many come to me was quite a nice surprise to find when I logged into my Facebook account. Being a chocolate connoisseur I will, of course, certainly be reviewing many of them, but some of them won't be dark chocolate, so I'll do those on days other than a Friday, that being the day I like to officially reserve for dark chocolate.

Just wanted to let you know of a value I obtained. :-)

(Sorry for the short post. Some other writing has been eating up my time.)

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