Monday, February 21, 2011


Happenings have been happening, and I've only gotten free from my external obligations today on Monday, so I don't have any plans for blogging this week except for a weekly summary and chocolate review. Good things are going on nonetheless, but it's unfortunate that I'll only be able to tell you about the end product; I can't talk about it step-by-step as the events occur. It seems that my life may get a little busier in the coming weeks, which may call for a full out suspension of my writing for an extended period. We'll play it by ear, but in the end it's immensely worthwhile for my life. All I can hope is that you don't forget about me in my absence if it is indeed called for. Life is a priority.

I'll just have to roll with things as they come along. Normalcy will return in a short while, but for the meanwhile irregular and uncommon demands necessitate my attention, especially writing for other, more private audiences.

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