Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Blog? Consistent Scheduling?

Upon checking my blog views after the publication of a blog post that runs contrary to the content I usually publish, I have started contemplating whether it would be best to start an entirely separate blog for my food, culinary, and culinary-related self-improvement and thinking writing. Unintentionally, this blog has gone from being concentrated on my random thoughts to revolving around my self-improvement ventures and spiritual development. It is the aim of any sincere person to achieve his happiness, and my concept of happiness involves the fullest realization of my abilities and the achievement of my ideal self, which logically entails explicit and directed self-improvement. Given that this has become the theme of this blog, it is logically what my audience expects of me and frequents here for. So unsurprisingly, whenever I post anything contrary to my blog's usual fare those articles are the least viewed. Disappointing.

To further the damage, I think the unusual posts might also be harmful in the long run, for they give more and more the appearance that this blog is inconsistent and random, and therefore no consistent material can be expected of it, thus repelling any consistent audience. As you might predict, the unusual posts I refer to are my food and culinary related ones. Since I'm pursuing to become a chef, culinary values are becoming more and more central to my pursuits, thinking, and very life, and yet they still haven't found much of a place in my writing so as to fit in my blog. Due to my intellectual values and insatiable cravings for mental stimulation I much rather not give up this type of writing, especially considering culinary and food writing may or may not have an impact on my central goals, but at the same time I don't want to repel my various audiences by being inconsistent. That's harmful to both the reach of my writing and whatever monetary pursuits I have inherent in it.

It seems obvious, then, that I should probably establish a new blog with a new theme so as to be able to become more consistent. A separation of themes may, in fact, eliminate any awkwardness in my writing since mixing material so much on this present blog makes me get mixed up in my senses since I know a certain type of material is expected of me in one place, and yet in my writing I am trying to defy my senses. While it may be appropriate for me to write about any recent food ventures since it aligns with my values, I can't shake the feeling during the writing that what I'm doing is somehow inappropriate. It was for this reason that I separated Benpercent from Musing Aloud, as I wanted to start posting personal material and yet felt resistance to it every time since Benpercent was intellect and activism-oriented. Separating them was a great idea.

However, there could still be another solution: Assign certain blog posts to certain days. My chocolate reviews, for instance, are intentionally published mid-afternoon every Friday because it's the end of the work week and near the end of the day. (A good review might prompt you to pick up a few bars on the way home, huh?) While chocolate reviews may be only a once weekly thing, it feels entirely natural for me to do them since they're consistently a part of the schedule in that fashion. Maybe I could still publish my food related posts here, only I would need to be much more consistent on what type of writing I would publish on what days at what time. For instance, I could take to publishing ice cream reviews or sweeter dark chocolates (below 65% cocoa/cacao) on Thursdays, thoughts on my spiritual development on Wednesday, thoughts on my recent culinary ventures on Tuesdays, and so on. If I had an excess of writing on a particular theme, then I could just publish more than one post for the appropriate days.

But then again the Circumstance confounds things. There's a great deal I'd like to talk about, but must be kept private due to its connection, whether direct or not, to the Circumstance and Project set out to solve it. I'd probably be able to write a lot more than I already am, perhaps multiple posts on a day on a consistent basis, if only I were at liberty to freely talk about any subject I wanted without bringing more frustration from the Circumstance. Talking about my spiritual development on Wednesdays, for instance, could constantly run into some barriers since a lot of my spiritual issues are tied up in the Circumstance, so while I would like to share my developments and learning, I cannot be consistent in that realm. I might do fine in my writing for a few weeks, but then establish a web of integrations that could expose the Circumstance and therefore necessitate my silence. I cannot anticipate the nature of identifications yet to be made, so such a realization could easily come as a surprise and break my continuity.

Right now, I must admit, I am motivated to continue my current blogging practices and just rely on clear post labeling. Scheduling "themes of the day," as indicated above, could run into some problems, and creating a whole new blog is a harassment, one I'd like to delay until I hire someone to professionally construct a layout for me as part of my New Year's resolutions. In any case, more thinking needs to be done.

While I do maintain my practices here, it should be made clear that my culinary central purpose in life inevitably leads to me having an intense interest in food and desire to write about it, so it shouldn't come as any surprise whenever I post recipes or reviews. Self-improvement may be central to my life, but food is more so.

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