Monday, January 17, 2011

Circumstance 2 is No More

Much to my surprise, Circumstance 2 has been defeated. Recently I've learned that it will no longer play a role in my life, so now me and my associates are left to enjoy peace, at least for now. Unfortunately, given the original Circumstance and my current Project I still cannot tell you the nature of Circumstance 2, and given its minor significance I don't think I'll be interested in telling you in the future, though would if anyone cares to make explicit an interest.

I hope there's no more of these "Circumstances" while my Project is in place. Man, I don't need to be dealing with anything like a Circumstance 3, 4, or 7; the original is bothersome enough! But again, Circumstance 2 was really only a fierce annoyance that harmed more my associates rather than myself, so it pleases me more to see it go after seeing how it frustrated my friends.

This could also make things a little better for me in the short-run. At least, I hope it makes my Project go by a little more peacefully.

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