Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food Diary?

Welp, my food posts so far, aside from my chocolate reviews, have been quite a -- flop. Not only does it seem that those are the articles least viewed, but are also the articles I'm least comfortable constructing. It's feels both awkward and in a way too giving, because since I plan on becoming a culinary business owner in my lifetime I'm not too keen on giving away my recipes, no matter how insignificant. As a good quote goes, there are two secrets to success in life: 1.) Don't tell anyone everything you know.

However, this doesn't mean I want to quit my recipe-related writing. I do like the recipe information structure I have come up with, and I ought to continue writing about food for the sake of my intellectual advancement, both to get me thinking more intensely about my food and increase my competence. It just doesn't seem like it's the wisest idea to continue constructing articles that I see as explicitly unwanted by my readers. The recipes will continue irregularly, so it's only a consistent blogging dedication I'd like to forgo here. So what shall I fill the writing gap with?

Now that I think about it, the notes I take during my chocolate tasting have been doing extremely well to enhance my experience and make identifications easier, let alone serve as a handy reference during writing. With such writing I've been getting better and better at my connoisseurship, in tasting, notes, and article writing. Is it not logical to expect, then, that such note-taking might enhance my keenness with other eating experiences? I talk, of course, of a food diary.

I feel a mild guilt whenever someone asks me what I've eaten and yet cannot remember. Being an aspiring chef, should I not be expected to remember better the day's fare? Especially on chocolate eating days! My difficulty in remembering on occasion indicates to me an unserious attitude towards my food and cooking, so I should be more attentive. What I propose to do is to document my consumption in the pocket notepad I have on me at all times.

For a start, I don't want to be exhaustive as I am with my chocolate reviews. Here I want to work to establish a life-long writing habit, and at its conception I'd like to start out with listing food names and simple thoughts in order to get me thinking more thoroughly about my meals, even if it be just a leftover portion of baked cod at my restaurant. By doing such writing I'll be calling more attention to my eating and be more aware of the tasting experience. Through that I hope to improve as much in my tasting and thinking as I have in my chocolate connoisseurship.

After having sustained this habit for a while then perhaps I'd like to make it as serious as my chocolate tasting and document more thorough notes as a daily habit, but we'll have to see how efficient that it. For now: just the notepad.

I'll come up with a writing goal after this Weekly Summary period. The Project calls.

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