Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Branch Out?

Here's a thought: In an effort to increase the amount of writing on food I do, how about I break the limitations on which foods I review and share my thoughts more extensively about what I'm eating? Oh, I mean hardly supplementary to my chocolate reviews -- those are what I'm the best at currently, and I intend to keep my formal practices, keep improving, and publishing articles regularly in that area. What I'm talking about is the possibility of submitting informal reviews on other days of the week.

Chocolate tasting has really changed the way I enjoy my food, as I tend now to maintain my perceptive attention even when eating non-chocolate bar related items. For instance, I've been trying out several varieties of ice cream lately, such as Haagen Dazs Five, and I've been enjoying it in a way that motivated me to write small reviews of it on my Facebook page. And yes, I enjoy writing those reviews too, so why not give myself more space to write and share some of that material here? It wouldn't be limited to ice cream; rather, whatever strikes my fancy. I just find myself writing more and more about food not only as a chocolate connoisseur, but also as a developing gourmand.

I'm hesitant to say so, but I am currently against the notion of becoming a full-time professional taster. I've read the testimony of one regarding how much he must eat, and with confectionery I think that would make me quite sick, unless amounts were varied and I could remedy it with exercise for insulin control. Right now, my tasting practices and learning are merely a cultivating of my culinary passion in general, and I engage myself in it as an enjoyable hobby, learning experience, and opportunity to get better in my field. I may not plan on becoming a professional taster, but hey, things such as tasting would come in handy for dish creation, and food photography would be great for reviews and menu preparations, and so on.

Off the bat I'll have to say that anything such as an ice cream review would come inconsistently and at random, so this post is only to forewarn of a trend. Hey, just exactly how much could I take to tasting and writing about? I better go do that thinking I need to do more of...

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