Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice Cream Review: Haagen Dazs Five Coffee

Coffee is my new flavor interest. I disliked it and stayed away from it most of my life, but that Green & Black's espresso bar has got to be one of my best ever food experiences period. It not only induced euphoria, but also left a pleasure aftershock that lasted about two days. Man, it might even beat out my love of mint! To maintain my sensitivity to caffeine I will still try to severely restrict my coffee intake -- I won't allow myself to drink any, for instance -- but coffee confectionery is definitely going to catch my eye now. I had to try Haagen Dazs Five Coffee ice cream.

From this experience I learned most importantly that I need to try different kinds of coffee to educate my palate, as I've tasted so few that it's currently a primary flavor. What else can I say that this tastes like except coffee? Its intensity is that of a happy "just-right" medium, neither too weak nor too strong, with a thoroughly consistent coffee experience on the tongue and sweet half-and-half memory on the breath. Appreciable, but I wish there were more dimensions.

The texture is where the most is left to be desired. It's surely smooth enough and melts acceptably -- just okay -- but the outer edges have the crackliness of large ice fragments and melts in a lumpy fashion. The coffee beans were ground to the point that they're but a fine powder that fuses with the base and leaves no solid specks, only a caramel glow like that of coffee whitened with sugar, so the problem is obviously with the cream base itself, not the coffee incorporation. It could be done better.

Unfortunately, this variety did not induce the euphoria experience I got with the chocolate bar. It really didn't get much of anything out of me, except to make me feel more alert. To give sufficient time for my confectionery consumption to work through my system and not interfere with my sleep I tend to eat it first thing in the morning (yes, ice cream for breakfast), so I came to my tasting still pretty groggy, only woken by the anticipation of my treat. It hardly kicked me awake: I just naturally pepped up with little of its assistance. Disappointing.

I like this variety; it's okay -- I guess. I would eat it again, but probably won't since I have higher values that deserve my money. I cannot recommend it or advise against it either way -- I'm just indifferent. Coffee is so much better in chocolate. Perhaps that would be a good ice cream in the future? Oh, and with caramel too!

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