Monday, January 10, 2011

Smooth Cinnamon Cashew Butter

Smooth Cinnamon Cashew Butter

Prep + cook: 10 -15 minutes
Servings: - 
12 ounces of whole cashews
2 tsp cinnamon (I used one, but think it needs more)
1 tsp of salt
Light olive oil to control viscosity

1.) Set an ungreased frying pan on medium-high heat and toast the cashews, stirring frequently, until they're golden brown and their aroma escapes into the air. Evacuate into cooling area, like a baking sheet. 

2.) Pour all the cashews into the food processor, add the salt and cinnamon, and process it until it reaches the consistency of cashew flour, the farthest it will go without additional fat.

3.) Incorporate the olive oil at a rate of 2 tsps per pour and pause for ten seconds to see what affect it has on the consistency. Continue until the desired consistency is reached. At some point the cashews will form a ball that will bounce around the food processor: Don't be alarmed; it'll go away once the fats are more evenly distributed.

4.) Scoop the cashew butter into a storage vessel and refrigerate or enjoy immediately. I enjoy spooning it on 100% cacao baking chocolate.

* * * * * 

Modern Paleo has published my piece on making nut butter. Go check it out! In short, it's incredibly cheaper to make your own, gives you control over the process, and opens up a world of options. Got a food processor and some jars? With some oil for certain nuts, that's really all you need. 

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