Sunday, May 22, 2011

Music: The Bird and the Bee's Polite Dance Song

I confess that The Bird and the Bee is my guilty pleasure. I like listening to them when I'm in sentimental or contemplative moods; Inara George's sweet voice is just the ticket to fit the bill. However far I've come in developing my musical tastes, however, I find I still harbor the trait of wanting to listen to one song over and over again on end, so I still need to work on making myself more open to perusing other artists rather than establishing a routine.

I really, really detest the video they did for this. In comparison to Love Letter to Japan this is much more nihilistic and second-handed (considering the borrowing of aesthetic elements from Napoleon Dynamite), almost as if they're making fun of themselves. I've noticed this trend in some of their other videos too. I think this is a legitimately good song, so I'm put off that they would make a shot at themselves like this. Listen without watching the video, since it detracts from the music.


  1. I can sympathize with being put off by dumb music videos. I wish more bands just put up the song name and band name in the video, so basically it would just be an audio file in video form.

    I can though, on some level, understand why bands put out odd, awkward music videos. Some bands are pressured and forced to by their record labels. But more to the point, people have so little chance to try anything even remotely unconventional. Tradition and simplicity ("don't be so difficult," "do what you're told," "don't stand out," etc.) are stressed over and over. People can get to feel like they are living in a straight jacket, and sometimes they'll do whatever they can to try something non-traditional, even if it's just showing old people weirdly dancing in a music video.

  2. I'm glad you've posted about this band. I've got a few of their tunes now.

    Their musical sense is much more dramatic and inventive than that dumb video projects. Good grief. They need to get someone to kick their videos up a notch and stop doing it themselves, or fire their friend who's doing them. Ugh. I'd MUCH rather just watch Inara play guitar in her white high-heeled boots :)


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