Friday, May 6, 2011

A Waste Indeed

Dom of Chocablog has noted that the chocolate manufacturer Magnum has used over ten tons of chocolate in constructing a hotel room scene as a publicity stunt, which I agree to be an astonishingly huge waste of chocolate (and food in general). While I grant that companies have the moral right to utilize their property as they see fit, even if others perceive it as wasteful. I can't help but be taken back by how frivolous this is.

I consider myself a huge proponent of the "waste not want not" mode of thinking when it comes to food. It's very rare that I waste any food of any sort, which is why I take to eating offal and even the bones of cooked meats. I even managed to eat an entire chicken carcass before, not leaving a single bone shard behind. There's no sense in wasting food; it's equivalent to wasting money and also forgoing opportunities for good nourishment. Using chocolate in this fashion offends me on these grounds. Sure, humans are capable of producing more, but is this really a respectful way to treat the fruits of someone's labor?

I hope Magnum at least disposes of the chocolate by giving it to people to eat, whether it be distributing it amongst its own employees or breaking off pieces for onlookers. Just don't throw it away.

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