Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Summary # 31

This week I noticed I feel very attached to my sensory enrichment experiment, as I felt a very strong craving to go out and be stimulated by new things: A walk through the flowers, new parts of the neighborhood, new stores, and so on. It really does feel good to feed the senses in such a fashion. Could this be why some people like traveling? I hope to continue adding to my repertoire of possible locations to read and walk about in. I should revisit that one nature park in Plano soon, and find an art museum.

Most surprisingly, my loneliness has lost its bite. I still feel a discontent with how my life is conducted right now, but for whatever reason it seems my craving for companionship has calmed down slightly, perhaps through my increased listening of music and other satisfying things. Such will at least stem the pain while I work to do something about it.

From now on I think I ought to work to make these summaries shorter, placing the bulk of the writing on the lists. Given how disparage all the topics are in this post they probably don't attract the readers looking for something specific, so I need to work on making things short and sweet. Quickly then to the list:

1.) Construct an outline for a special piece: Still working on it. At first I had a second thought and went ahead writing the piece thinking I didn't need an outline, but it ended up becoming a garbage draft, so I need to do more thinking about it.

2.) Write an article about the full benefits of my sensory enrichment experiment: Done.

3.) Write an article about that major identification I made about self-improvement: Done.

4.) Construct a blog post for Modern Paleo: Done. It'll probably publish next week, as a moderator is in charge of all submitted material there.

5.) Look up nearby philosophy or culinary clubs; nearby colleges: Neglected.

6.) Finish skimming Alinea: Kind of. The blasted library due date snuck up on me, so I breezed through the images and have added it to my list of books to buy. It's definitely the one of the most interesting cookbooks I've ever seen in my life.

7.) Study up on how to effectively find and use images in articles: Done. And as you can see, I've started incorporating them. I need to learn more about legally using commercial images, however, as right now I'm only using images explicitly available for creative commons purposes.

8.) Finish skimming The Zwilling J. A. Henckels Complete Book of Knife Skills: I decided against it since the library version is so different than the one I saw in the bookstore.

* * * * *

I still have yet to hear from my other employer, so I'm kind of in limbo there. Aside from quelling my loneliness, I also desire to get myself back into culinary training. Mm . . . patience. In the meanwhile I could work on bringing my productivity back up to more efficient levels and whatnot, as I feel I've been goofing around too much lately. My aims for this week are:

1.) Construct outline and rough draft of that one article I neglected

2.) Look up nearby colleges and clubs

3.) Look up art museum: That ought to be a fantastic place for sensory stimulation, no?

4.) Read 100 pages of Schulz and Peanuts: I've been thinking of the comic strip Peanuts on and off for quite some months, so my curiosity has driven me to this book. Is the strip really as good as popularly acclaimed? I strive to find out. I know I still have 100 Voices yet to be finished, but I don't think I'll be able to do so before its due date this week, and so will have to rent it again.

5.) Read the introductions and afterwords of the Peanuts comics I've rented in conjunction with the above biography

6.) Assess what kind of music device I want to save up for: Dish washing is all muscle work, leaving my mind pretty idle. I think I could do well to enhance my performance it my mind weren't pacing around so much trying to find some way to satisfy itself. Come the last minute crunch I could really pump myself up with some intense compositions, so I want to get a device of some kind in order to help enhance my performance and efficiency.

7.) Edit layout of blog: Annoying, but something that should be done. I want to fix how the archives look on the side, so nothing major. I still want to overhaul this whole place, however. Don't think I've forgotten my news years' resolution regarding this.

I said last week that I had some kind of sensation that there's something I should be doing that I'm not and couldn't figure out what it is. I still haven't. Hopefully this week will bring more insight. I suspect I simply want to get into my second job: It's prep work for a country club, so I'm excited.

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