Sunday, May 29, 2011

Music: David Bowie's Space Oddity

Overall I have a mixed opinion of David Bowie, but this piece, along with China Girl*, I consider very thought-inspiring music. The spacey rhythm and consistent singing tone makes me think of technology and a strict, intense concentration on important matters at hand, but at the same time made me feel mildly sad. It reminds me of the present-day culture where one's achievements and excellence can be punished for their good nature, as marked by the worrisome and frantic finish to the song hinting at Major Tom's possible disaster.

(*Video embedding was disabled at the time this article was written.)

And unless I'm mistaken, isn't there a sort of female remix of this? I saw a car commercial once where a seductive female voice was conducting a launch countdown and transitioning into something similar to this, but I know nothing about the song and have forgotten the car brand. Might somebody know what I'm talking about?

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