Sunday, May 15, 2011

Music: Daedelus' Fair Weather Friends

Ah, I love the cheery jump-around-and-be-happy vibe of this music, though confess I can't comprehend the lyrics. Blasted hearing-impairment. The video itself is quite interesting too, even. One of the barriers to my posting music videos is that so many times I see the video itself is atrocious and actually detracting from the music. I discover most things through Pandora, so it's an unpleasant contrast. I wish I could black out the video sometimes and just have the audio stream.

I've done well to cultivate my musical tastes, first starting with a very lazy approach, not even remembering songs and artists, to now having several favorite artists. It seems at this point I benefit from music the most when I'm experiencing intense emotion or an immense desire to contemplate. I don't enjoy having pieces play in the background all the time, or trying to listen when I'm engaging in another intellectual activity such as writing.

To date, I'd say my favorite artists are: Thievery Corporation (contemplative), The Bird and the Bee (soothing and sentimental), Metric (energetic and sexy), and Scatman John (happy). To date, my favorite song is still Danse Macabre.

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  1. This is good.

    Sounds a little to me like "After The Curtain" (especially the second half of the song with the organ) by Beirut:

    and "Recycled Air" by The Postal Service:


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