Monday, December 27, 2010


Unfortunately, it seems that another difficulty has spawned. For a long while now I thought it was but a temporary problem that would solve itself, but it has continued to persist and has demonstrated that it's not going away any time soon. Frustratingly, this means there's a sequel to the Circumstance I'm dealing with right now.

This disappoints me greatly since this but adds to the burden of all the stresses I have to deal with right now and increases my time of exposure to them. Life as such has become a little more irritating, and again its another case of dealing with an anti-value that's totally unnecessary and can be resolved easily, but with my own powers there is currently very little I can do.

Fortunately, the Project I have set in place is an antidote sufficient to solve both these problems with no modifications. This new difficulty has no impact on the duration of my Project either, so its ultimate impact is only that of making things a more stressful for the time being.

I'll cope with it. As I've said before, as long as I'm actively engaged in remedying my problems -- meaning working on my Project in this case -- the loose ends in my subconscious are actively being tied up and will leave my mind largely at peace. Hell is in idleness. For reference in the future I will refer to this new difficulty as "Circumstance 2" in order to distinguish it from the one I've been talking about in the past.

Life can be full of frustrations, but I'm no less intent on winning in the end. You know what I'm looking forward to tomorrow? My chocolate tasting in the morning. In times of problems it's important to keep an eye on what values there are. Mmm.

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