Monday, December 20, 2010

Project Thinking Update: Shift Reading Emphasis?

As mentioned in my most recent weekly summary, I am soon coming to the end of one or two of my study subjects and may soon need to replace them, but I say "may" because there are other concerns and possibilities. I am still contemplating that alternative means to completing my big Project -- though in what degree I should implement it, not whether or not I should use the method -- and engaging myself in that means could have a significant impact on my studies.

This alternative means is not only very demanding for action and research, but is also free of independent variables. In other words, as soon as the alternative means is successfully implemented, the Project is virtually complete right then and there. The means I had been depending on up until now is heavily dependent on independent variables, so what I've mostly been doing these past few months is a lot of waiting for things to shift in my favor, which has been very agonizing. The alternative means gives me slightly more power over myself, is more valuable, and requires more active participation. Very tempting, but it still in question as to what degree I could achieve it.

The requirements for action in this means is making me reconsider changing the nature of my studies for a short while. When I had first conceptualized my Project and was engaged in its earliest steps I actually put my studies down altogether to concentrate on the Project entirely, only allowing for casual reading. When the independent variables stalled me, that's when I undertook to take up my books again and reformat my study system to feed my mind while I wait. Well, I'm just about done waiting.

So when I'm finished with The Logical Leap and The Objective Standard I'm considering replacing them with books I'll only engage as pure reading, such as classic literature, rather than dedicating myself to another formal study subject with note-taking. To do so would free up time and energy for my Project, which the alternative means would need since it involves a lot of intellectual exertion and stamina.

The next question, then, is what books do I pick up? I ought to strive to come up with an answer by next week, so as to give my library the time to receive the books (they rarely have on shelf what I want). I might even consider violating my reading system by selecting from crossed-out sections in order to give myself more to select from.

I'll aim to come up with an answer by my next weekly summary about what I'll choose to read and will also contemplate how I'll word my weekly goals for my Project.

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