Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Enough with the E-mails, Godiva

As a chocolate connoisseur it should be an obvious corollary that I like reading and learning about chocolate. Just tasting it isn't enough, you know. Consequently, I've subscribed to the mailing lists of several chocolate companies like Lindt, Endangered Species, New Tree, and so on.

While I enjoy reading even their advertisements, one company has been going overboard this season: Godiva. I know it's the Christmas season and all, but Godiva is sending me an e-mail virtually everyday. Everyday. Worse yet, it's rarely anything new! They keep saying the same thing over and over and over again: They're having a chocolate sale with free shipping, they're having a chocolate sale with free shipping, they're having a chocolate sale with free shipping....I understood the first time! Their single-origin bar is wonderful, but do I really need to hear from them everyday?

In contrast, I hardly hear from the other chocolate companies. Endangered Species sends me an e-mail only a few times a month, and Lindt and Ghirardelli maybe only once a month. New Tree, I think, has only sent me one e-mail since I've subscribed. They're pretty quiet.

Enough with the chocolate sale notification, alright Godiva? Save up all your information for just one long e-mail a few times a month.


  1. Fannie May is the same way - daily emails, but sometimes with different offers. See screenshot here.

    As you can see, I looked at 2 of the last 20 emails, and one of those was by accident.

  2. Huh. Fannie May is in the chocolate business now? The government must be branching out. :-P

  3. Your thoughts on this are really insightful - especially to those of us in the marketing realm.

    Endangered Species Chocolate sends out an e-card to our subscribers every Tuesday. In 2011, we plan on adding a monthly newsletter as well.

    (As if you haven't heard the phrase enough this month...we are offering free shipping this week too, Dec 13-19) :)

    -Monica Erskine
    Endangered Species Chocolate


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