Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly Summary 12/10/10 - 12/16/10 and Project Thinking Update

For once I managed to achieve all my weekly goals! I read an article from The Objective Standard, read chapter 14 of Good Calories, Bad Calories (completing eight conceptual exercises), and read chapter five of The Logical Leap (completing eight conceptual exercises). Additionally, I purchased those hard notes cards I need for my recipe system, extensively edited some private documents essential to my Project, and did some research to advance my thinking and knowledge about that alternative means for my Project. I could have been a little bit more active, but I pushed this week and have something to show for it; surely something to be proud of. See? I'm back on the horse again, much in contrast with other miserable weeks. Though, of course, I won't allow myself to feel safe, for momentum always requires effort to maintain it, no matter how easy it becomes; allow for slip-ups or become lazy and soon progress will come undone. The pushing must continue.

I think the main reason why it was so much easier to advance through my studies this time around is because the fifth chapter of TLL, The Atomic Theory, was WAY easier to comprehend than the prior chapters. The prior chapters relied on mathematical concepts I haven't integrated yet and couldn't understand with the dictionary, so most of the material was something I was struggling with, and was consequently having a hard time concentrating on. This chapter, while difficult, differed in that I was much more able to understand the language and concepts being used, so I followed along with incredibly greater ease and found my scientific interest being kindled up and fed again. This goes to show, again, that this book will be worth rereading after I do some other learning to help me understand better. Due to my having not fully understood the prior chapters, I didn't gain all that I could from this chapter since it serves as a corollary to the material I have yet to grasp. I'm contemplating picking up a more general science education book after this one to help me gain a firmer foundation, and I don't care if I have to resort to elementary-level texts: I'm behind in my learning. Regardless, I think this chapter was great and entertained my mind intensely. I am but two chapters away from finishing this book, so what to replace this with will be a subject of writing soon enough.

During my study I also identified a new method that I wish I would have thought of before. It's so good that I'm going to dedicate a separate post for it, so for now I'll say I should pinch myself for being so slow.

Now: The Project. As you might remember, I'm currently entertaining a alternative means to complete my Project that would require more effort and perhaps more time, but the payoff would be greater. It's been about two or three weeks since I've started entertaining it, and I'm still not yet decided. My current status is that of halfway commitment to it: I see the value of of pursuing the specific method, but I'm still hesitant upon the notion of implementing it to the fullest degree I've been entertaining. It's involves a lot to contemplate and is a very serious decision, so a due date on my thinking would be foolish; I'm taking my time. I am making good progress in my thinking nonetheless, and hope to reach a decision within two or so weeks -- maybe.

Oddly enough, even though I'm busying myself with my Project I still find myself flustered by the Circumstance; the difference this time is that I'm not dwelling on it to the point I can't function. For instance, I'll be able to go through my day fine and enjoy my work, rewards, and whatnot, but when I go to bed I could be suddenly seized by a fit of ferocious anger. Such anger seems to be disrupting me at random times of the day, so I notice no consistency in the pattern. I suspect that it's because I'm so close to establishing the sight of the end of this Project: I'm experiencing my "final motivation" to overcome this Circumstance.

This week I'd like to make things just a little bit more ambitious, though not in the study realm since I'm still progressing slowly there. For my studies, I'd like to complete one chapter of both the books I'm reading and two articles for The Objective Standard. Writing-wise, I'd like to maintain the pacing on this blog, construct a special post for Modern Paleo, and construct three entries in my freshly restarted introspection journal (I'll talk more about that later). Toward my Project, I'd like to do some research that culminates in the various ways that I could utilize this alternative means, to help me in my thinking as to whether to implement it or not. Finally, for stress I'm going to do a one-week trial of deep breathing exercises to see if it makes me more relaxed.

Being back on the horse may be good on its own, but I need to progress and get on the horned bull.

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