Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update on Reading

The major reason why I have been avoiding my local library is because it's so far away. With my Project still in the works, it's quite inconvenient to have to drive so far and burden my fuel costs. It also affects my car insurance, because I utilize a tracking device of the sorts that keeps track of my driving habits and adjusts my discounts accordingly. I love the library, but have been away for months now. Luckily, there's a library right by my workplace, so since I'm going to be in that area anyways on a regular basis I got a library card there and can resume my habits. Nice!

I've also decided which books I'm going to read now, and have accordingly submitted the requests: Cyrano De Bergerac for fine literature, Capitalism Unbound for economics, and Becoming a Chef for my career aspirations. Given my current pacing it may seem like I'm committing myself to a lot, but why not be ambitious so as to push for improvement? Besides, I still have time to finish up my other subjects while I wait for these to be delivered to my library location and can also rent these an infinite amount of times if my reading speed should prove inadequate.

Although I don't plan on studying these formally since I'll be shifting my concentration to my Project shortly, I do plan on setting reading goals so as to establish a consistent momentum and sense of obligation to commit myself. I will be tracking my goals on this blog, and will also give a mini-review in my Weekly Summary when I do finish reading them. All in all, I hope I'm hitting my interests correctly: I thought that Becoming a Chef might give me too much an excess to read, but I've decided that I've put off my culinary education long enough. I might be cooking, but to become the best I can possibly be in my central purpose in life I need to make food take up more thinking than it does now.

As for my Project, I, of course, still cannot tell you what I'm doing, so it's going to be awkward trying to detail my weekly goals in regards to it. Is it sufficient to say I want to accomplish "things" during the week? Regardless, it's necessary. Soon I'll have much more power over my affairs and will be able to reveal all.

That's my plan for now.

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