Tuesday, December 7, 2010

*Fat Head* is on Hulu

My current favorite documentary, Fat Head, is available now in its entirety on Hulu. For anyone who's interested as to why I choose to flout conventional nutritional standards -- and eat things such as high-fat meats, no grains, limited sugar, and so on -- this is a great starter source that intimately details why present-day nutritional science is largely wrong and oftentimes even deceitful. I know I might not have done much in explaining my paleo lifestyle, though it probably can be derived from various things I've written, so I'd like to clarify things. This documentary is especially great for those pressed for time or are otherwise unwilling to dedicate themselves to a lengthy nutritional text like Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Going paleo has been odd for me. I actually didn't expect to see any improvements in my health or well-being since I thought I had already optimized my nutritional regiment, so I only expected long-term results like a lengthened lifespan. It came as an absolute surprise to me when I started rapidly losing weight, going from about 170 to 148 (145-142 when fasted). My skin also cleared up dramatically: I used to have considerable problems with acne on my back, and now I have "supermodel" skin -- without even trying! Other benefits include the stabilization of my energy levels, near absence of hunger, improvement of sleep, better moods, and so on. In fact, going paleo is what made me decide to pursue the course of a chef in life, as that's when I first learned to truly appreciate food: Previously food always gave me a stomachache, digestive troubles, a poor sense of being, and so on. It was an awkward transition from the Standard American Diet to paleo, but one I've greatly benefited from. I hardly even feel tempted to go back to non-paleo foods since I can't keep out of mind how crappy they make and have made me feel, except for my favorite confectioneries such as dark chocolate, cake, and ice cream. Why should I want cereal and toast when I can have steak and eggs?

Give the movie a watch to see if perhaps modern nutrition has been harming you in some way. For further information on healthy eating and living, I heartily recommend The Primal Blueprint and the author's website, http://www.marksdailyapple.com/.

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