Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Summary 12/3/10 - 12/9/10

Yet another good week; the ball is still rolling! This week I completed one article for The Objective Standard and chapter four of  The Logical Leap, completing ten conceptual exercises for the latter. I simply ran out of time for Good Calories, Bad Calories. My momentum, otherwise, was great: I hardly dwelled on the Circumstance and could concentrate and think well. My other goals were tripped up by technical details. I intended to establish my recipe documentation system, but it turns out that I accidentally purchased soft paper notes, not hard note cards, so I don't have the material I intended to use and won't be shopping until probably Wednesday or Thursday of next week. The Project I will speak about below. 

The most important thing I learned is how inadequate my present context of knowledge is for my comprehension of TLL. The Circumstance hardly hindered me this week, so I was largely unimpeded in my reading efforts and was still having a very difficult time comprehending the information and advancing forward. The information is very dense for my level of knowledge and goes over my head much of the time, even with the conceptual exercises at the end of the chapter. This will most likely be only my first run of this book, as I might benefit better from it if I reread it a few times over my life as my context of knowledge changes and grows over time. It might be difficult now, but hey, maybe not after a study of physics. I am still doing some valuable learning right now despite my difficulties, so I will maintain my efforts and keep in mind that this will be a book for rereading in the future. The challenge will be worthwhile in the end.  

Now as to my Project, it's moving forward in regards to the amount of things I need to contemplate and research, if not materialistically. That is enough, I think, to satisfy my subconscious' need for activity in solving my problems. The present means I'm contemplating right now is very complicated and big, so I couldn't reach a definitive conclusion on what I'd like to do despite my constantly trying to think towards that end. Considering how drastic it is, it would be foolish to try and rush a decision for the sake of mere efficiency. I'll maintain constant effort towards solving this intellectual problem and will exempt myself from reaching a definitive decision on any particular date. You'll be notified of the results when they occur.

To take a general view, this week has been wonderful. I've hardly been dwelling on the Circumstance, been performing well at work, am keeping my mind on my pursuits, am maintaining a consistent level of productivity, and more. My sense of life has gotten a boost from all this effort and I feel more intellectually active and rigorous than I have in a while. Now this is a bit closer to my ideal level of functioning! Much better than that week in which the Circumstance bothered me to the point that I failed to get anything done, no? Combining my writing efforts, cooking practice, and involvement in my Project I think I could maintain my emotional health well enough to continue on with this pace and even improve my efforts. This is what the power of tying up loose ends in one's subconscious can accomplish. Mental health really is key in one's ability to function happily day-to-day.

What I shall dedicate myself to this week is rather perplexing. In the study realm I'd like to maintain the momentum for now: one of every study subject. I'll probably be buying the hard note cards too late in the week to be able to write down and establish my recipe system: It takes hours. In my Project I could take to trying to complete research on a specific portion of it, one important to my decision as to whether or not I want to implement the alternative means, but I guess it doesn't help to mention it considering how vague I have to be.

I guess maybe it would be best to try to stay the course for this week and increase the quantity of my productive effort before I decide to change up the endeavors involved. I don't think I'm squeezing out 100% of the work I could be getting out of myself as of yet, so it might be best to work to intensify my current habits and try to ingrain them.

I hope your productive endeavors are going well too.

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