Thursday, July 7, 2011

From the Ill Prepared Author

Oh shame on me: I have nothing really prepared for you today. I've been having a bad few days recently and an overall terrible week, though with a very good sunny side on which I'll elaborate on in tomorrow's weekly summary. For today, I hope to satisfy your needs by posting this Geico commercial. Progressive is my preferred auto insurance company due to their Snapshot discount, which I view as a philosophically just way to charge costumers (I am in no way affiliated with Progressive except as a paying costumer), but the over-the-top ridiculousness of this commercial is able to force a smile from me even with my difficult sense of humor:


  1. I'll gladly pay 30% more not to have my driving tracked.

  2. Bad habits? Or just don't like the intrusion? It doesn't bother me.

    According to my reading of the policy they don't track things such as *where* you're driving; they only track how fast you drive, how far you drive, how hard you brake, how far you travel, how often you drive, and where your car is stored (obviously, at home).

  3. I like these two Geico ones.
    Honest Abe:

    Buck stops here:


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