Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lazy, Idle Days

Oh what a bad boy I've been. I'm behind on my weekly goals, but I decided to take a miniature vacation you see. Keep in mind my weekly goals are not my only set of activities, for I have a full-time job too. After noticing how run down I felt after my 10+ hour shift on Saturday I decided to engage in some restoration, which has involved being the laziest human in the household for the past two days. I surfed the internet, watched a movie, had a Sherlock Holmes marathon, took a super long walk, laid about and contemplated . . . and enjoyed every moment. The lazy spell continued for a second day, as I was seized by an urge to restart my Sherlock Holmes books and spent the better part of the day reading A Study in Scarlet. Now restored I am back in action . . . but I am depriving you of the entertainment you seek here, right? Well, I won't let you go empty handed.

I've really been getting back into Sherlock Holmes lately. I have a free Hulu Plus trial going right now so I could finish my old favorite series Monk, but I haven't been able to get back into it given my immense attachment to the 1950's Sherlock Holmes television series. As great as Monk is, I'm much more responsive to stronger heroes right now, leaving me unable to resist Holmes' charm and limitless intelligence. Aside from his heroism, I simply cannot get over my admiration of how the character's whole life is dedicated to establishing the deepest and most precise body of knowledge and intellectual power possible to his ability, and at the same time he avoids becoming an awkward armchair intellectual, able to go out in the world and help people with sincere humanity, and outmaneuver criminals in tactic, wit, and even muscle. I've certainly reduced the amount of time I have to partake in Monk before my trial ends, but I have no regrets.

Well, I do have one regret: I plowed through the television episodes so quickly that I have now seen the entire series, and haven't a further adventure to entertain me except for the books it's driven me back to. I've had a hard time finding good information on the series -- it's slightly obscure -- but it's disappointing that it's only 39 half-hour episodes long, and wasn't picked up beyond the first season. I don't know why, but what a tragedy. Still, I have to admit that there's literally only one or two episodes I didn't like, making for a series of almost pristine value. I can't recommend it enough, so I hope in substitute of more substantial writing by me I can trade you off with my favorite episode:

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