Sunday, July 10, 2011

Music: J-Punch's *Afterglow*

I had almost forgotten about this until I saw it bookmarked in my Pandora profile. Here's a very delicate romance song, one that seems to be suitable for those peak physically intimate moments in a relationship. The smoothness of the melody and female vocals are very good.

I've been a neglectful person towards my music lately I admit, however. I've got to be careful lest I make music an unjustly treated value in my life, giving it bare attention and little concentration. It does add to the spiritual value of my life, so I need to take more care to maintain that value. I think overall I need to work harder at pressing my mental faculties, as I seem to be most receptive to music when I'm mentally exhausted and want to do nothing except lie on the floor and contemplate.

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