Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Summary # 38

Both an atrocious and good week. As part of a personal goal of leading a richer life -- I haven't written on that -- I enjoyed immensely some city fireworks on the third, but from there on I fell into a terrible funk that lasted most of the week. I felt plainly sad and disinterested in life, had my anxiety set on high, and couldn't figure out why. I think it was ultimately biochemical in cause given the funk was alleviated with some strenuous physical work, going for a walk, and eating something good, but it still lasted way longer than wanted. On Monday I watched a show after work to get rid of the gloom and ended up strangely exhausted afterwards, forcing me to rest the remainder of the evening. Tuesday was pretty wasted too, and on Wednesday I felt exhausted again and took a super long nap before work. Thursday I was so behind on things I just didn't bother. Awful.

On the other hand, the positive thing is that none of this transferred to my work. If anything my ambition and effort increased at work, where I continued to enhance my performance and find new ways to improve myself. While dropping the balls at home I did better and better at my job, something to be proud of. I guess because I like my job so much, since I'm engaged in my career after all, I couldn't help but feel better and more resolved once getting into a shift.

And on the sunnier side still, I'm proud that I at least took constructive action towards remedying my funk rather than letting it be. I kept up my introspective writing habits and paid attention to my needs, so while it's unfortunate that so much time was wasted I did what I could. The funk seems to have gone, and hopefully it stays gone.

The list:

1.) Try hand at creating banner: Done, the results being visible right on top. Even with its simplicity it still took more time than I wished it would, but still: That's another new year's resolution down.

2.) Read The Science of Chocolate, The Chocolate Tree, Crash Proof, and spring issue of The Objective Standard: Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. Totally failed. While tackling other things these got severely neglected. Matters were especially difficult when I felt that mysterious exhaustion, which rendered me hardly able to intellectually guide my processes.

3.) Experiment with "scribble" book for reading: Since I did little other reading than of the Charlie Brown books I've rented this one has been neglected too.

4.) Practice tossing pizza with clothes at home: Only a little bit, but not enough to consider it a goal completed. I picked up a few articles of clothing to see how they might act given the techniques I've observed, and so far I'm not so sure I can find a dough substitute in my home, though I need to look more thoroughly.

5.) Tidy up room: Done to my satisfaction. While a more thorough clean up could be done, my primary concern is to make for a neater appearance, give some knickknacks designated spots, and give me additional surfaces to write and read on, and I accomplished that. I shouldn't ignore that other cleaning needs to be done too. (. . . Look at the dust on that ceiling fan . . . )

* * * * *

Judging my life as a whole, in the contexts of private improvement (studying, writing, etc.), character development (i.e. lovability), and work status, I think I've achieved the ideal strivings and attitude for my workplace endeavors while more work needs to be done for my character and private improvement.

At work I consider my efforts admirable. This week I finally managed to stumble upon a sign protector at the grocery store, which I need to protect the lists I create to enhance my productivity from the dish washing machine I place it on top of. Additionally, I've been doing an excellent job in maintaining my usage of a stopwatch to time myself during various activities, which has been giving me a real kick in the pants in regards to my exertions. I used these two methods to great advantage in my last job in Michigan, so to finally bringing them back has been jump starting my creativity on further personal innovations I could make to enhance my efforts. My job is going super well.

I don't have much to comment upon at the moment regarding my disappointment in my lovability pursuits, but immediately before me is how far I've derailed myself from pursuing my ideals habits. Namely, I want to cultivate a lifestyle that instills a voracious intellectual attitude as I had cultivated years before in my private studies and have since lost. Now I hardly even read. What's up with that? It's no good.

So for this week I'd like to exert myself in rededicating myself back to my intellectual goals by pursuing my reading more strongly, while at the same picking up the goals I dropped this past week. Throughout I'll probably contemplate where I think I'm going wrong in my lovability pursuits.

1.) Read The Science of Chocolate, The Chocolate Tree, Crash Proof, and spring issue of The Objective Standard: My failure to stay on top of this reading this week means I'll probably have to return these books to the library before I finish them, since I can't renew them. A nuisance, but I'll request them immediately again if I'm forced to. I'm adamant on completing those two chocolate books.

2.) Practice tossing pizza with clothes at home: I need to do a more thorough search through my clothes to see if I can find something that acts like moist dough. This is very important for my improvement at work. If I have nothing, then I'll see if I can borrow a wash cloth from work, since theirs work for the purpose of practicing.

3.) Experiment with "scribble book" while reading: Again, this is simply the practice of writing rough notes while reading to enhance concentration and interactivity, with no real intention of referencing the notes again.

4.) Optimize computer: A sloppily defined goal, but its intention is to get me thinking and search for ways I can improve my computing habits. For instance, I think I could be saving a lot more time in my efforts if I took the small amount of time necessary to find out how to make my computer boot up faster and process faster in general, and other such things. I've done some things already, such as installing Granola  to help save on utilities. I use a computer to improve my life, and I don't think I've been taking full enough advantage of that value, let alone getting all that I can out of it.

I'll probably add more later on in the week, especially if I have any epiphanies about my lovability pursuits, but for now this is all I want to dedicate myself to since I really, really want to improve my reading habits above all else in the immediate present.

This week may have been a bad one, but I intend to get back on the horse, as I always do.

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