Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Special Announcement about My Family Matters: Let's Not Talk of It

My more consistent readers may be aware of the family problems I mentioned a while ago. The treatment of them was actually my "Project" (uppercase P), which has resulted in me moving to Texas in order to avoid contact with them. I have never been better since undertaking that action, and have never regretted it. However, I've been having some difficulty these past weeks with certain persons engaging in trying to bring up the topic again, which has led to more stress on my part and even more excommunication. I mentioned a few months ago, in that Project post, that I'd like to drop the topic, but I guess I should post a reminder.

Unless you want to share with me a similar experience you had or are in, or if you need advice about something, I'd like for people to avoid talking to me about this issue. It's only been in recent weeks that I've been able to begin recovering from the stress and bad thinking habits I maintained during the difficulties, so when people bring up the issue I'm instantly agitated, angry, and overall shooken up.

Let's look at it this way. Of all the people who have ever taken to confront me on this issue -- and sadly this is almost a precise measurement -- about 100% of them have come with me with very dishonest, impolite, and even uncivil intentions. Literally 100% of everyone have never inquired as to what my position or side of the story is, either relying totally on someone else's testimony (which is likely inaccurate), their own feelings, or without regard to facts at all. These last people are especially irksome, as they know nothing of the situation and yet somehow automatically know I'm "wrong." I've argued the same points consistently until I was blue in the face and have large essays available on the web as to what my stance is, and yet the most essential people that need to know this has attributed false views to me and distorted my points, ruining my relations with them and probably damaging my repudiation in my old networks.

It's been impossible to make any headway on anything. After listening to everyone's argument and confronting their points with thoroughness and disagreeing with intellectual honesty I've been called names, from inaccurate labels such as "stubborn" to the wildly uncivil "piece of shit." When I undertake to call them stubborn, which is an accurate label given how unjustifiably few acknowledge and know my intellectual stance, it is their inappropriate behavior that gets ignored and mine that gets poo-pooed as "name-calling." And the list goes on.

As a consequence, I simply don't trust people -- almost all people -- to be able to conduct constructive and polite conversations on this topic. Most everyone attacks my character, tries to publicly intimidate me, tries to shame me by being snide -- everything except be honest and polite. At this point, I just block people who bring up the issue. Largely, the only nice people who participated in this matter are those who purveyed my stance first before addressing me about it.

So this is why I ask: Please, don't talk to me about this issue. A lot of people are too short-sighted to see this, but the problems themselves span over twenty years, or the entirety of my life if you will. The offenders are being concrete bound by fuming about isolated incidents in these problems (such as when I moved), which are really climaxes in a long stream of incidents, not something separated from everything else. The last four or so years of conflict were only the height of all the problems, not some unique period. As far as I'm concerned, my life didn't really start until the age of 19, so I've got some catching up to do.

Your cooperation, unless your concerns follow the exceptions listed above (the need for advice, similar experiences, etc.), is immensely appreciated. Otherwise I'll just treat violations with instant blocking, whether it be in e-mail or on a networking site. After all these years, my tolerance is eroded. Living my life is more important.

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