Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Banner

Well there we go: I've created a new banner to serve as the header for the blog. That thus completes my new year's resolution of redoing my blog layout, however small the change might be. I don't have strong design skills, and all the tinkering around and brief research I did was still more time than I wished to dedicate to the task. However practical a goal it may be, I just don't think I want to spend any significant amount of time learning code and design when other tasks beckon me, like my books on chocolate.

Why the green bar? Well, mint is my favorite herb. Therefore: green. I originally wanted to do a green/brown combination to symbolize one of my top favorite foods, mint chocolate, but I couldn't get over how terrible that scheme looked in my imagination, so the mint green is sufficient.

It's embarrassing that there's no preview feature before a change is applied in the Page Elements editor, as that meant I had to toy with my blog design in broad daylight. Hopefully none of you saw it when I displayed the more primitive version of my banner.

Up next in my new year's resolutions is hopefully getting that camera for my chocolate reviews. I've been dying to get that one done since the start of the year. I had some savings going and could have probably afforded something early on, but my Project ate through that portion of my money and the demands of living have been keeping down my efforts, so I've long been without recourse, though had it constantly on my mind. Hopefully within the next two weeks things will finally set in my favor.

I'm much behind on tackling the totality of my resolutions, but progress continues to be made.

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