Sunday, July 24, 2011

Music: Cold Play's *Clocks*

I haven't partaken in much of Cold Play's works, but this song was one of my favorites during my late teenage years. The lyrics strike me as odd: They're very pondering and full of longing, but the instrumentals give off a giddy atmosphere. In my most content moods I've found this song to be the perfect accompaniment, making me daydream of cold spring air, refreshing water, beautiful crystal, and attractive women out on a gorgeous day. A weird mix of images, but songs tend to invoke pictures of objects, situations, and people for me in isolation, often without uniting for a integrated whole.

The great barrier to my enjoying music is that my hearing-impairment often leaves me unable to comprehend the lyrics, so I often like songs even if I can't understand a word, and have even been slightly shy at finding embarrassing lyrics to a song I really like, so I tend to prefer instrumentals more than anything. But whatever the case, enjoyable music is enjoyable music: Enrich your life.

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