Friday, June 24, 2011

Chocolate Review: Green & Black's 60% Hazelnut & Currant

Green & Black's 60% dark chocolate with hazelnuts and currants is my second foray in dealing with this mysterious currant fruit, which I've never heard of until coming across it in chocolate. It doesn't say what type of currant is used, but they taste so much like raisins that you might as well think of them as that. Hazelnuts are my least favorite nut, but paired with other things, such as toffee, I can find it tolerable and even pleasurable, so I thought to give this a try.

Like with G&B's milk almond bar the amount of nuts incorporated is very generous, ensuring some in almost every bite, and they can be easily counted by the round bumps on the back. The display side of the bar appears very "dusty" and has an amount of smudging that eliminates any shine, but has a very solid snap. Most disappointing is the weak aroma that is very hard to perceive even when smelling up close, though the sole tone of currants can be detected, and the flavor profile consists of equally matched hazelnut and currant (/raisin-y) tones against a bittersweet cocoa background, finishing with the currants becoming more apparent and isolated. The currant berries offer some moisture and stickiness, and the hazelnuts are not at all crunchy; rather, they're hard enough not to be soft, but at the same time aren't crisp, so they're in that intermediate point which has no name. The chocolate melts quickly, but with some graininess.

It has its imperfections, but it's enjoyable to say it's at least worthwhile. I tend not to like hazelnuts for the somewhat sharp sweetness that represents them, but here is a pairing where I find the flavors all get along and come off well. The chocolate definitely could use some work on its texture, as well the the appeal to the olfactory sense, but overall it's a pleasing experience I don't think you'll be disappointed in, especially if you're a Raisinets fan as I was in my non-Paleo days.

Now where can I get me some Brazil and macadamia nut chocolate?

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