Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekly Summary # 33

Another week in which I seem to constantly be doing thing, but am at a loss as to where all the time went when I see a considerable amount has been neglected. I've been getting many more hours at work, which is awesome, but I think the biggest time sink this week is the construction of that special article on how I came to be an Objectivist. It's proven to be one of my more difficult projects, as I kept stumbling in my thinking, had several extensive false starts, and got sidetracked often in my brainstorming. For a short time I almost thought about abandoning it since it brought back so many negative memories, but I got it ready to publish for next week, and while I could make it higher quality it's simply too stressful a project to be meticulous about. Overall, this week was not ideal, but minimally satisfying.

Doing a thought record every day as per suggested by Mind Over Mood has been a wonderful idea, as I've had a much firmer control over my thought processes, greater calmness, and greater inner-peace. It might be annoying to do it on some days, but I should keep it a daily habit from now on to ensure that its benefits remain constant.

The list:

1.) Look up nearby clubs and colleges: No, and given my mitigating loneliness I'm thinking about abandoning it. Come a second job I may not have time for anything, and might have satisfying relationships anyhow. I've been much more at ease in being alone lately.

2.) Look up art museum: Done. Plenty close by. Before I go to one, however, I'd like to read a book on how to fully appreciate a work of art.

3.) Read to page 100 of Schulz biography: Irritatingly, no. I got through only two chapters. My biggest peeve with myself lately is my seeming lack of reading, which certainly isn't good for my self-education. Much more effort is need.

4.)Assess what kind of music device I want to save up for: Neglected.

5.) Read to page 50 of Crash Proof: Almost, but not quite.

6.) Finish second set of Charlie Brown comics: Done, and I've rented many more too. I'm really beginning to enjoy Peanuts now, much contrary to my childhood self.

7.) Write rough draft, at least, on how I became an Objectivist and atheist: I actually managed to get it scheduled for next week already. It was frustrating to write not only in its difficulty, but also in the painful memories it brought back. It could be written better, but I'd rather put the subject behind me now.

8.) Write an article for Modern Paleo: Oh! Failed! I forgot about this goal frequently even though I acknowledged it throughout the week, resulting in me running out of time. I'll keep it for next week, however.

9.) Write an article about possible ongoing speech problem: Done. I've decided not to work on my accent, as it seems to be the case that people might be often mistaken for having British accents because they speak clearly, not because they have actual accents. By that count, I'm perfectly content with where I am.

* * * * *

All in all, in addition to some other self-improvement goals I have planned coming up, I'd overall like to push my productivity efforts once again. It seems to do surprisingly well for my pace if I actually rush my walking when traveling, so perhaps I might do well to employ that. I'm still waiting on news about my second job, though am doing well to maintain communication, so I don't know quite what's happening there. My main concern is getting back to optimizing my reading, writing, thinking, and overall accomplishments.

My goals for this week:

1.) Write article for Modern Paleo

2.) Look up "feeling art": There's this art book on how to fully appreciate art that has been praised before, interesting me, but so far I haven't been able to find its title, so I'd like to look for it this week.

3.) Read to page 150 in Schulz biography

4.) Read to page 100 in Crash Proof

5.) Memorize the various muscle groups: Yep, I think it's time for this. As stated before, I've been getting bored with some machines and having trouble in planning my exercise order, so I want to learn the muscle groups by heart so I can avoid exercise routines that would be unproductive.

This feels like a pretty light load of goals for right now, but hey, as of this writing I'm pretty tired. As always, other goals will probably be peppered in mid-week. I want to strive to up my productive pace and render myself more and more capable of taking yet more on. I have quite some interests right now, and only by keeping myself consistently busy can I hope to indulge in those interests as I wish to.

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  1. Regarding art appreciation, I've done some analysis of paintings that might be helpful.

    "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)" (1936) by Salvador Dali.

    "Portrait of the Marquis d'Afflito (On a Staircase)" (1926) by Tamara de Lempicka.


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