Sunday, June 12, 2011

Music: Remix of Donkey Kong Country's *Aquatic Ambiance*

Yes. Video game music. I'm embarrassed to admit that I do like some pieces from this medium, but years ago I used to be a hard-core gamer whose exposure to music was almost limited solely to this realm. My favorite attribute of these pieces is how they're meant to loop, as I tend to enjoy listening to the same song several times in a row to satisfy a mood, which video game music does perfectly with its infinity.

This is a rendition of the theme to the underwater levels in Donkey Kong Country, a very well done game (though my favorite is the second). It not only has beautiful graphics, but also wonderfully produced music, this piece perhaps being the most famous. It's simply beautiful. It conveys the theme of an underwater world perfectly and soothes like a scented bath would. The vision that dances in my head is going swimming in a deep stream during a full moon bright enough to case shadows.

The thrill is a little too loud at the beginning, but once it quiets down it's just wonderful.

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