Sunday, June 26, 2011

Music: Scatman John's *Scatman*

Scatman John is another one of my favorite artists, though I have difficulty coming in contact with a wider selection of his work. This particular piece is just bursting with giddiness I'd say, and all the hyperactive dancing in the video almost tempts me to stomp along, though I know my landlord downstairs wouldn't appreciate that. And aesthetically I have to say I admire the mustache.

The weird thing I think about the video are those instances when a person's lips don't match the vocals in the least. Rather awkward.

Other selections I've come across which I've found to be good are The Invisible Man, Scatman's World, and Only You. I've hardly gotten to know Mr. John's character to any great extent through writing, but the great and vibrant sense of life permeating his songs gives me the impression of someone who deserves to live, so I find sadness in his dying at age 57. His music lives on, at least, for all our comfort.

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