Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Praise of *The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes*

My favorite television show used to be Monk, but unfortunately I got into the series quite late, like its last three seasons, and too quickly saw it come to its end. Ever since I've practically had a hole in my heart for what to watch then, as I valued immensely the dominant display of limitless intelligence and astuteness, and could not find it matched anywhere else. Mythbusters comes at a close second for my favorite shows, but doesn't satisfy totally.

Thankfully I've discovered a series about Sherlock Holmes way from the 1950's, called The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I thought to give it a try one evening while browsing and didn't expect much of it, but ever since the watching the first episode (The Case of the Neurotic Detective, for me) I've been hooked. The actors who play Holmes and Watson are perfect for their roles and have entrancing speaking talents, and while it's primarily a drama it has tasteful and balanced sprinklings of comedy that have aged very well given that the series is over fifty years old. It's been a more than satisfying fill-in for my mystery desires.

And on a personal note, I think I should take to perusing more mysteries in my aesthetic amusement given the immense enjoyment I've gotten in the past. Such stuff calls upon the reader to not only admire and respect the intelligence of the leading heroes, but also for you to employ your own mind in solving the puzzle. It's a fun game to see if one can figure the solution before the hero does.

My regret is that I can't afford a Hulu Plus account right now, which limits how many episodes can be seen of the series, here. Oh well, there's still plenty available for free. I heartily recommend the episode The Case of the Winthrop Legend.


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