Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Consistent Spiritual Fuel?

I've laid out my case as to why I believe we should be optimistic for the future and still hold to that position. A better future is certainly no guarantee and there's little evidence that the tide is actually turning in a good direction, but there's definitely enough to justify hopefulness for a happier time within most of our lifespans. However, for several weeks now I've been disturbed by the trend of bloggers mainly focusing on the negative aspects of the world as it stands today and only occasionally mentioning positive cultural attributes. Good things should not be cited for the purpose of getting a breath of fresh air, because life in its proper form has the good as the rule of nature, not an exception. Times are getting worse and more difficult surely, but I think concentrating on them so intensely is only going to serve to deplete one's spiritual fuel and motivation even further. Intellectuals writing about cultural issues seem most guilty of focusing on the negative.

As such, I'd like to add a new facet to my blogging habits in which I, on irregular occasion for now, cite and talk about things which I find to be satisfying to my spirit and to fuel my motivation, giving me the impetus to better myself as a person and fight for a future worth living in. I don't want to and won't be one to filter out negative news since that would be ill-advised for activist endeavors, so my main intent is to more often include writing about inspirational matters into my regular practices, especially in regards to noting positive cultural developments. We've all had enough of the bad things in today's world, haven't we?

Mediums include essentially everything, from a good news story about a political happening, a scene in a movie, something interesting I witnessed in person, and so on. You can never have enough good things, so I'll aim to keep my eyes open as wide as possible.

Additionally, I suggest for others to do the same, especially those engage in intellectual activists. If you concentrate on only the negative aspects all the time, then how consistently appealing are you as a source?

The war of ideas may be still going on, but I think there's a darn good chance of Objectivists winning, and to fuel ourselves we ought to raise greater awareness of those incidents, strengths, and so on that validate that life in today's age is still -- and will continue to be -- worth living.

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