Sunday, June 5, 2011

Music: Daedelus' Humdrum Headspin

I'd classify Daedelus as one of those artists that seemingly has no explicit standards for their music, so what you end up with is a lot of random and incoherent crap seasoned with a few interesting prospects here and there. In other words, perhaps good Daedelus pieces are born of accident, not consistent musical standards. I was utterly surprised with what screeching and crackly randomness came from the Pandora station I created for this artist, considering the taunting playfulness of Fair Weather Friends from the same artist. What in the world?

Anyways, I like the groovy theme of this piece, which is silly, bouncy, and carefree. Though, there are some slight random elements as I spoke of above given some buzzy static and stomping midway through, but it's a very short diversion that doesn't distract from the piece as a whole.

I'll keep my ears open to this artist to see if they develop any kind of consistency in their standards, but right now it seems to be hit-or-miss between something that qualifies as music and just random noise. It goes to show that when you don't develop explicit views regarding art you lose control over the quality of your work. For now, let's bounce around to this wonky jive.

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